27 Mar 2012


These are my photographs from the Alexis Reyna F/W 2012-2013 show. The show was held in Placa del Rey, despite having been there before I had never realised how beautiful it was.  

The show made the inside of the building come alive and the music was haunting, as were the models and the clothes were amazing.

The collection featured a lot of androgynous slouchy suit pants and dark capes and hoods, with metallic splashes of colour and a man in a white bridal gown. 
If I had to pick a piece to wear it would have to be the orange oversized blazer worn by the beautiful afro girl. She was a favourite for me as was the male model with short hair on the sides, long and sleeked back on top pictured wearing the floaty almost feminine cape. 
I loved the men in layers and dresses and girls in pant suits.